Games for Clients

Stigma Stomper

2011 - Flixel
An arcade game in which a bird rescues his friends from an army of hat-wearing moles
1 player

Commissioned by a local hospital for "Stomp out Stigma" initiative promotion.

Game Jam Prototypes

Platform Swapstorm

2011 - Flixel (Toronto Game Jam 6)
A co-op runner in which two cats jump cross randomly generated space and matter
1-2 players

Steven Circuiton - Code, music, graphics (background), sound effects
Colin Marjoram - Graphics (characters, tiles)



2013 - Flixel (Toronto Game Jam 8)
An action platformer in which a band of Welsh Corgis work together to escape from a dangerous prison
1~4 players

Steven Circuiton - Code, graphics (player characters, tiles), sound effects
Colin Marjoram - Graphics (enemies)
Chris Smith - Graphics (effects, enemies)
Eric Landon - Music


Concrete Jungle

2014 - HaxeFlixel (Toronto Game Jam 9)
A competitive racer in which monkeys run and jump to be the best monkey in town
1-4 players

Steven Barker - Code (main), graphics (tiles, effects), sound effects
Ian Clarkson - Code (secondary), music
Colin Marjoram - Graphics (characters)



2016 - Unity (Toronto Game Jam 11)
A top-down shooter in which a headless rider battles through a village of cursed humans
1 player

Steven Circuiton - Graphics (characters, environment), music, sound effects, code (secondary)
Ian Clarkson - Code (primary)
Colin Marjoran - Graphics (boss, effects)