Tower of the Gorillion

Currently in Development - HaxeFlixel
A puzzle platformer in which two characters interact with separate planes
1~2 players

Steven Circuiton - Code, graphics, sound, music
Colin Marjoram - Puzzle design

Tower of the Gorillion was prototyped at the Toronto Game Jam in 2012 in Flash, using Flixel.

The project continued development in Flixel (Flash) until 2014, at which point it was decided to migrate out of the dying platform in favor of HaxeFlixel.

Along with the port to HaxeFlixel, the project underwent a number of changes, visually and structurally.

The project continues in HaXe, and the current version is not available as a demo at this time.

Final Flash Demo (2013)

Here you can watch a play-through of the final Flash version that was made available online. Please bear in mind that much has changed since this version.

2018-03-13: The demo is not currently available, but may be in the future


There will be some clips of earlier stages of development added later