Tower of the Gorillion

Tower of the Gorillion

An adventurer and a mysterious cloaked entity climb a tower in search of a mythical beast
Action, Puzzle, Adventure
1~2 players

Development: 2012~present
Environment: Unity (Originally Flixel, later HaXeFlixel)
Language: C# (Originally ActionScript3, later HaXe)

Development team:
Steven Circuiton
    Concept, game design, puzzle design, level design
    Character design and animation
    Environment design and animation
    Visual effects
    Music and sound effects
Colin Marjoram
    Puzzle design, level design

2012: Prototyped in 3 days at Toronto Game Jam using Flixel.
2014: Began migration to the successor of Flixel, HaXeFlixel.
2017: Began migration to Unity after becoming familiar with it and the addition of tilemaps.
The project continues development in Unity.

Final Flash Demo (2013)

Here you can watch a play-through of the final Flash version that was made available online. Please bear in mind that much has changed since this version.

A demo in the Unity version will be uploaded in the future